akhnaten’s friend and mentor

Author: Bodvar Schjelderup

"Who had been pharaoh Akhnaten’s advisor in childhood years? Moses?."

Forside Foto Av Bodvar The theme was presented me with full weight some eight or nine years ago by one of the most ambitious books from Verlag Könemann – on ‘Egypt and the Pharaonic World’. Studying the list of pharaos I got aware that some minor uncertainty was still prevailing concerning dates, even concerning the 18th dynasty. The numbers given caught my interest, though, and a sequence of questions and ideas surfaced.

Myself I’m an architect, researcher and author – but neither archae-ologist nor egyptiologist. My special studies concerning the Great Pyramid started in 1977, step by step leading to some document-ations and, in 2004, to a quite extensive twin-exhibition in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina: ‘The House of Memory’ (symbols & codes) and ‘Unfolding the World’ (Mercator map discoveries).

My presentation may have seemed too controversial, both concerning ideas, comments and a few non-Egyptian themes. I admit I haven’t followed well trodden tracks, yet my discoveries into ‘sacred geo-metry’, as well as architectural, geographic and religious topics have been of some value ... not least by indicating that phenomena that are mostly considered separate, do prove striking interconnections.

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