arabian spring messenger

Author: Bodvar Schjelderup

Arabian Spring’ soon became something quite different...

Forside Foto of Bodvar The ‘Arabian Spring’ soon became something quite different. How could such an uproar against injustice and corruption end in despair, death and chaos? I have got no answer, of course – but a geometric key seems to open a rather unexpected door – to a possible, radical understanding of the hidden perspectives of the ‘Arabian Spring’. All the four capitals in the Mediterranean region are located on a circle(!), seeming to imply a strange puzzle, spanning ages. The circle is centered in northern Greece: at Philippi, the city where apostle Paul started his European mission. At Damascus, where he had arrived to chase and arrest Christians, he had been struck down by a blinding vision. The event changed his life.

He became a messenger for the One he had hated, and was the very first to bring His message to Europe. Two millennia ago Philippi was a place of importance. Today it’s a ruined memory. And yet, this spot centers the circle of the ‘Arabian Spring’. Did St. Paul, converted at Damascus (on the very circle), enter the circle’s center to give far future a message ... of conversion, of change from hate to love, of accepting a divine guidance instead of inhuman injustice? And explain that blindness can be exchanged by vision? The wordless, ageless geometrics reveal capacities the language of words can’t easily grasp. Although the present message may seem more than crazy(!), it’s most likely much more than that, too ...

And still an adequate conclusion may be necessary ... Do look forward to it.

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